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Find partners for recreational activities around you that fits your schedule, while keeping your information private.

Our goal is to maximize your time to be active

by easing the process of:

For Individuals

How PairUP can help you.

You and PairUP

Whenever you are, at home or traveling, you can find individuals at your current location to be active with.
PairUP introduce you to new opportunities, and allows you to be spontaneous and active.

For Clubs

As a club owner, how can you use PairUP to improve your members satisfactions and retention.

Clubs and PairUP

As a club owner you want your members to enjoy your services and to continue stay loyal.
By allowing your members to pair up for activities, PairUP will increase your members satisfaction and members retention.
Plus, PairUP will expose your club to many other non-member.

For Municipalities

How PairUP can strengthen communities and create new connections.

Municipalities and PairUP

Municipalities invest to improve the life qualify of its town people.
While the town has direct impact on facilities like parks, sport fields, and so on, It lacks the ability bring people together.
PairUP can bridge this gap, helping people to connect with each other, and with the town.

A solution that was build for you

Activity listing

Only activity's information is listed.
The first true Geo-aware searches, only activities that in your travel distance.
We believe that looking for recreational activity partners should be about interest and ability,
not about how someone looks - you won't see pictures or any other non-activity information.

Ad-free mobile app.

PairUP is an Ad-free solution. You won't see any annoying advertisement.

True data privacy

As we are ad-free app, we don't need to share your private account information to any third-party solutions.

Location aware notifications

Based on your location and distance to travel, PairUP will notify you only on activities you care about and in your travel distance.

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