PairUP keeps you active.

Our story

Our story is a story about friendship and community. When I was young you could walk by and see kids on the block playing sports like soccer, basketball, or anything else of the sort. It was like magic, you just had to bounce a ball on the street, and kids would come from all over. On summer days we could do this most days from dawn to dusk.

What life we had, no worries, lots of free time and lots of friends. Life was easy, simple.

Now that I’m grown, living in Framingham MA with my family (and a few extra pounds), I’m trying to stay active.
Although I have friends (not as many as before), they aren’t interested or don’t have the time to join me. I see myself as open-minded, and willing to try different kinds of activities, but I always came across the same problem, that I don’t have partners for recreational activities (Interesting enough this same issue was studied and is published in Psychological Bulletin).

Throughout my time talking to people about my idea for PairUP I found that many people experiencing the same problem I had.
That is why I started PairUP for you and me, and all the like minded individuals that just want to stay active, open to opportunities, and if possible meet new people.

Let's be active

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