PairUP is a mobile solution for finding last moment local people to pair-up with for recreational activities while providing the  highest safety and privacy to its members.
As we dislike popups and ads, our solution is clean from all third-party advertisement, plus we don’t share your private information to any third-party solutions.

The short answer: no, and no.

PairUP doesn’t share your contact information to anyone, neither provides other to contact you directly. 
PairUP doesn’t share your information to anyone unless you are actively participate in an activity, and only then relevant information is shown to the activity participants.
When you submit an activity, only your screen name will be listed. 

There are two types of notifications PairUP will send you.

  1. New activity notification – Only if you are in the area of the event ( location, distance, interest ).
  2. Activity update – If you are part of an activity, and there was some update on the activity.
  1. You can enable/disable all notifications.
  2. Set the location you care about.
  3. Set maximum travel distance from your location ( for example, set it to 5 miles, if you don’t want to commute farther then this ).
  4. Select up to 10 activities you care about, and you won’t get any notifications about other activities.

Thank you for asking this 🙂

When you arrive to the location of the activity and there are other partners on site, PairUP app will set a unique color on your phone, and will ask you to face it to the crowd. The other partners will be asked to do the same, and all you need to do is find the other phones with the same color.
How easy and simple is that ?

It provides you with the peace of mind that your account won’t be charged if your usage for this month is low (the threshold is as listed in the Free subscription).

For example, if this month you only participated in two activities (  part of the allowance of the Free subscription ), you won’t see any charges related to these two activities.
On the other hand, if at the end of the mouth you participated in a number of activities that is higher than listed in the Free subscription, your account will be charged based on the FreePlus subscription price.

Only the FreePlus subscription has a setup fee. The fee will be collected at the time of signing up.

If later you will re-join the FreePlus subscription, you won’t be charged for this fee again.

All other subscriptions have no setup fees.

At the end of each cycle, the auto-renewal will automatically renew your subscription to the next period cycle.

The cycle period of our plans. 

    • FreePlus – A monthly cycle that starts at the beginning of the month.
    • Monthly – A monthly cycle that starts on the date you signed up to the plan. 
    • Annually – A yearly cycle that starts on the date you signed up to the plan.

You can’t cancel an active subscription.

You can select to stop auto-renewals, so at the end of the current subscription cycle, your account won’t be auto-renewed.

At the end of the current period, and if you selected to opt-out from auto-renewal, your account will be downgraded to the Free subscription the limited features available to the Free plan.

To switch between plans do as follows:

  1. Opt-out from auto-renewal.
  2. Wait for your current subscription to expire.
  3. Go to the user portal and select a new subscription.
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